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We are all human, as such, we will all occasionally experience urges to take a negative path. However, we must be immediately conscious of them and refuse to allow them to rest in our minds. Your inner desire to always feel at peace must win in all circumstances.

Whenever you are feeling frustrated or inadequate, remember that success is your destiny. If you ever feel like you want to give up, stop and remember that success is your destiny. Personally, when I find myself wrestling with these inner blocks, I acknowledge that my challenges serve as fuel to keep me moving forward. I know that success is my destiny – today, tomorrow, and the next day.

The next time you are tempted to combat negative actions with negative reactions, take a moment to pause; recognize that fueling the fire only encourages unpleasant feelings and contributes to broken relationships. Because I enjoy positive relationships, I do what I can to nurture them.

I acknowledge that whatever angers me, conquers me, so instead I choose to conquer any desire I may have to react negatively. When I feel my brow knit and hear my tone deepen, I recognize that destructive behavior may follow if I stay on the same course. I realize that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That law of physics dictates how I react and respond.

As you begin your journey to defeat your destructive behaviors, reflect on the following questions and the answers.

1. How much influence do my loved ones have on my destructive behaviors? Make a point of noticing if there is a trigger, a common thread that leads to these behaviors.

2. In what ways can my example of constructive behavior help others around me? Take the time to imagine the lives connected to you that will be positively affected by your new behaviors. Visualize your loved ones' responses to your constructive behavior and visualize how these relationships will be better nurtured.

Focus on how you feel when you take the high road. Meditate on the peace that you will feel from within whenever you don’t have a negative reaction. Visualize the relationships that will be salvaged and strengthened when you no longer destroy them with destructive behaviors. Build yourself up, bit by bit, and conquer your destructive behaviors.


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