Follow The Leader

March 19, 2018

As leaders, we understand that the hardest person to lead is ourselves.  For most people, it's not about outside competition.  Other people are not the reason we fall short.  Most people fail because they disqualify themselves.  Leaders are no different.  Often we are our own worst enemy. Why is that?



  1. Leaders do not see themselves realistically: Leaders are great at seeing where others need to improve, but often can’t recognize their own shortcomings.

  2. Leaders are harder on others; then they are on themselves: As leaders, we judge others by their actions. We judge ourselves by our intent.  


4 Keys to Leading Yourself


  1. Learn to Follow - If a leader doesn't learn to follow, they will struggle to lead.

  2. Practice Discipline - Discipline is the ability to give yourself a command a follow-through.  Own your ACTIONS!!!

  3. Learn Patience - Most leaders lack patience.  We look ahead, think ahead, and move ahead.  Being proactive is an excellent thing.  Just remember few things in life come quickly.  You don't get great overnight. 

  4. Be Accountable - Find an accountability partner.  Everyone needs help to maintain perspective.  Accountability begins before we take action.  Seeking advice is a good sign of accountability, and maturity in a leader. 

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