Be Happy

February 5, 2018


If you want to be happy, there are certain things you’re going to have to learn to let go.  Life doesn’t always deal us a fair hand.  We’ve been taught to play the cards we’re dealt.  Do the best with what you’ve got.  And, to turn lemons into lemonade.  As great as this sounds, how do we do it?  Here are five things you can start doing today and make YOUR tomorrow a lot happier. 



  1. Let Go of The Past:  At some point, you just have to let it go.  Yes, it happened.  Yes, it was jacked up.  The moment you decide that you’ve had enough pain and suffering you can begin working towards a happier and fulfilling life.  Learn to let go.  Forgive the lies, forgive the hurt and appreciate what lies ahead.

  2. Lose The Fears:  Life is short.  Don’t wait until the end to decide what matters and what you truly value.  John Lennon said that life has two motivating forces, fear, and love.  All other feelings are subcategories of those two.  Love gives you happiness, joy, satisfaction, and peace.  Fear gives you anxiety, sadness, and depression.  Love and fear can never coexist.  Lose the fear and embrace the love.

  3. Believe In Yourself: Your life is shaped by what you think and believe, not what you want or wish.  If pessimism and doubt dominate your thoughts, your life will fall right in life with that thinking.  You can change your life the same way.  By changing your thinking and what you choose to say and decide to believe about yourself, you can change any aspect of your life. 

  4. Stop Making Excuses:  Instead of doing the things we want, often we find reasons not even to try.  Examine why you think you can’t do something.  Replace those thoughts with positive affirmations that will help you focus on why you can achieve your goal.

  5. Stop Negative Self-Talk:  If you think positively no matter how life treats you, you gain the opportunity to elevate yourself.  Pay attention to how you feel.  If you feel harmonious, your thoughts are coming from a place of peace and honesty.  If you think that others don’t love you or don’t consider you worthwhile, your thoughts could be coming from feelings of fear. 













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