Does Your Work Matter!!!

January 11, 2018

We all work.  But, not all work is created equal.  Some work inspires us.  We find it passionate and fulfilling.  Then other work is repetitive, boring and unfulfilling.  One is Deep, and the other is Shallow.  Deep work is professional work that requires complete focus and full concentration.  Deep work pushes your creative and analytical abilities to their limits.  While shallow work is work, you can do while distracted.  It doesn’t ask much of your mind and contributes little value.  


Current trends in society often push towards shallow work.  We are driven to network, tweet, respond quickly, and multitask.  Now your day is filled with superficial tasks.  Shallow work has limited value and can put your career at risk.  


4 Ways to Do Deep Work


1.   Practice – Deep work has to be done on purpose and with a goal.  Focus on a specific skill you’re trying to improve and don’t switch between tasks.  Remove distractions and increase your focus.

2.  Embrace Boredom – People seem to be addicted to distractions.  The focus of deep work requires that we break this addiction.

3.  Drop Social Media – Yes social media is entertaining.  Yes, social media keeps us in touch with people.  The benefits are small compared to the real cost of social media.  Before using social media consider this.  Is the use of social media going to create more positive or negative benefits?  


4.  Start Small – Deep Work is exhausting because it pushes your limits.  You have to build up your ability to work at a high level for long periods of time.  Start with an hour a day for two weeks.  After that add thirty minutes each week until you’re at four hours.  



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