The Power of A Pause

November 21, 2017


There are many ways to grow and endless lessons to learn in life.  However, some lessons only come when we are still, and allow the life lessons to catch up to us.  In a world that is so determined to speed up, we have to learn to PAUSE.        


The Power of PAUSE

  1. Turns reflection into insight:  We’ve all heard that experience is the best teacher.  But is it?  I would argue that it’s not your experience but the evaluation of your experience that you learn and grow from.

  2. Everyone needs a time and place to pause:  I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from taking a minute to pause and reflect.  Taking a second to pause and think allows you to ensure you’re on the right track.  If you’re going down the wrong road the last thing you want to do is speed up. 

  3. Pausing with Intention Expands your thinking:  Time alone allows people to sort through their experiences, and put into perspective a plan for the future.  Think of some of the greatest leaders and thinkers in history.  In almost every case they learned to spend time alone.  Artists and musicians spend hours alone in the studio exploring their ideas to create a masterpiece.   

Life is full of critical moments.  Some of them you can never get back.  Don’t miss your moments, MAXIMIZE THEM.

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