What's wrong with people?

October 14, 2017

Last week a good friend asked me a very sincere and heart filled question.  What's wrong with people?  His questions was in reference to the current state of political affairs in our country and a the obvious lack of respect and understanding sweeping across our nation as a whole.  After several moments of awkward silence and a pulsing stare I realized he really wanted an answer. 


My Answer:  People seem to care more about being right, not better.


So many people are waiting to talk, not listening to understand.  What doesn't directly impact a person they seem to ignore, hoping to avoid uncomfortable conversations.  Many of us walk around so consumed with self, that we don't leave room for anyone else.  I believe we are losing our value for people and replacing it with value of self.  


My Solution:  Add value to people


Here's the catch.  You can't add value to people, until you actually start to Value People.