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What’s the difference between someone who is full of joy, has zest for life, and always seems to have a smile on their face, and someone who is grumpy, grouchy, and a total drag to be around? Is it the amount of money they have? Is it simply their personalities?

Some may argue that the primary factor is gratefulness. Defined as having a warm and deep appreciation for kindness received; showing gratefulness has the power to change any and every situation. Actually, a better way of putting it is that gratefulness has the power to change the way we experience any situation. Being grateful may not change your circumstances, but it does change you, and that makes all the difference.

Gratitude can be best understood as having an attitude of appreciation. Carrying this attitude with you has the power to change the very way we experience life. It can neutralize negative emotions and enable us to learn incredibly valuable lessons even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Cultivating gratefulness has the potential to transform your health, both mental and physical. It can also transform your spirituality and help you attract good things into your life. From boosting your self-esteem to increasing your ability to process and reduce toxic emotions, the act of gratefulness is full of benefits.

Stay tuned for the future posts this week and next, as we do a deep dive into gratefulness; why it’s important and how to cultivate more in our lives. For now, it’s enough for you to know that with gratitude comes great power. And the more you cultivate gratefulness, the more power you’ll experience in your life.


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