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Our lives are created by our habits. It is important to realize that good habits are essential to your quality of life. Each day, strive to replace old habits that are unsupportive of your goals. The better your habits, the better your life becomes. Therefore, we must choose to replace old habits with new, empowering activities. Say to yourself: “I am developing new habits, so I can take my life to a higher level.

Habits can be difficult to change, so it is important to be patient. Take a moment to think: “How would my life change if I dropped these negative habits and replaced them with positive habits?” Remember, these habits weren’t created in one day, so they won’t be replaced in one day. Choose to remain upbeat, positive, and confident, even during times of great challenge. This way, you can relax and develop positive habits that move your life forward, instead of keeping you rooted in a plateau position.

Let’s be honest, if you take a moment to think through your daily habits, you know which (better) habits to develop. You know what you need in your life to feel happy and fulfilled. Ask yourself: “What habits are creating challenges in my life?” Try this affirmation: “I am taking positive steps toward implementing new habits and reaching my goals.

Personally, I like to review my progress on a regular basis. It encourages me to continue on my journey of self-enhancement. I embrace change and the challenge that often accompanies it. I get excited, almost giddy, when I think about all the great things I can accomplish once my new habits are in place. I am unstoppable.

Today, I encourage you to let go of your old habits. Release yourself from their grasp. Meditate on the fact that you are trading in your old habits for better ones that support your dreams and future. Declare today, that you are replacing your old habits with new, empowering habits!

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