My name's Anwar, and I want to help.

Do you struggle to take that next step?  Could you benefit from a strategic thinking partner?  Would you like to:


1.  Increase Your Influence

2.  Communicate More Efficiently

3.  Build A Stronger Team

4.  Gain Buy-In of Senior Leaders

5.  Create A Strategic Growth Plan


It Starts With Growth

Potential is one of the most powerful words in any language. It inspires hope, optimism, and hints at greatness.  Your potential is inside you waiting to be unlocked.   How do you unlock your potential? You commit to growth.


Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will get better.  


It's up to you. The ball's in your court. Are you going to take it or leave it?  But know this: you don't have to take the journey alone.


So, if you're ready.... Let's start your journey together.

Get Started 


Tuscaloosa, AL   |   info@leadyouniversity,com   |   (205) 737-3671

Tuscaloosa, AL   |   info@leadyouniversity,com   |   (205) 737-3671

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